A collection of kinds words from readers

Moonstone Hero

A first rate adventure complete with catastrophe, a highly-charged but seemingly doomed love affair, a complex protagonist torn between what’s right and what he most wants–David Sklar’s latest novel has it all. But the master-stroke here is the seriousness of purpose that organizes his character’s quest and makes it resonate so profoundly.”
Julie Mars, author of the novels “ Rust,” Anybody Any Minute” and “The Secret Keepers,” and the memoir, “ A Month of Sundays

Moonstone Hero is a passionate, celebratory and ultimately affirming story of moral choices, of unlikely heroism, and the good that can emerge from the darkest moments. In this cheerful, wry, simultaneously serious and playful novel David Sklar again displays his striking talent for addressing big themes with a light touch.”
Frank Huyler, author of “Blood of Strangers,”  “White Hot Light,” “Right of Thirst,” and “The Laws of Invisible Things”


Atlas of Men

An inherently compelling novel by an author with a genuine flair for narrative driven storytelling.
Midwest Book Review  (Read the full review)

In a riveting, often chilling and poignant story of transcendence, physician and author David Sklar draws upon his own experiences in crafting an ambitious new publication, Atlas of Men. Atlas of Men is a heartfelt fictional version of a true-life scandal involving nude photographs of teens and young adults taken as part of sordid, so-called scientific research —a study Sklar was an unwitting participant in as a teen.”
Claire Hamner Matturro, Compulsive Reader Review

Perceptive and subtly powerful, this tale attempts to close a perplexing chapter in American history. ”
Kirkus Review  (Read the full review)

Organized as three books that represent specific time periods and journeys, the book hews well to its connecting plotlines. Pacing is consistent, following well-timed revelations or action with periods of reflection. By the end of the book, Robert’s questions have been answered, his goals carried out, and decisions have been reached; however, his complicated romantic feelings are left unresolved. Well-rounded and dramatic, Atlas of Men dives into deep and controversial subjects.”
Forewordreviews  (Read the full review)

“ATLAS OF MEN delivers a powerful story that is as unique as it is unsettling.”
—  (Read the full review)

“Atlas of Men is a provocative, unsettling, and ultimately redeeming story that addresses fundamental questions about American culture and its cruelties. Who counts, and who doesn’t? How do we define success, both for ourselves and others, and how do we choose those destined for it? David Sklar’s gifts for character and storytelling bring these questions to life in wholly unexpected and surprising ways. Ultimately, this is a wise, tender, and often funny novel that comes from the heart as much as the head, even as it asks us to examine, rather than to simply accept, the cold assumption that achievement alone provides meaning and worth in individual lives.” 
— Frank Huyler, MD, author of The Blood of Strangers and The Laws of Invisible Things 

Atlas of Men is a haunting, mesmerizing story about coming-of-age, of innocence lost and the search for redemption. David Sklar has skillfully crafted a story with achingly real characters who remain with us long after the story has ended. We join protagonist Robert Thames as he confronts a dehumanizing, dark past at a boys’ boarding school and the dilemma it has wrought. Files that arrive at Thames’ door are an eerie reminder of his own pain of dehumanization and exploitation and yet…the transformative, healing power of friendship and love triumphs, bringing renewed faith and hope for the future. Thames is indeed an “Atlas” of men with the weight of the universe on his shoulders, or so it seems. As he upholds what is true and just, he inspires us all.”
— Hedy S. Wald, PhD

“Something very sinister is happening at Dexter Academy under the guise of scientific research. More than a coming of age tale, this novel weaves together an intriguing story of love, loss and secrets. Transformation and truth telling transport us to another reality.”
— Victor La Cerva. MD, author Letters To A Young Man In Search Of Himself