I am happy to report that the reception of Atlas of Men has been overwhelming. The book has garnered excellent reviews from IndieReader, Foreword and Kirkus and has won the Beverly Hills Book award for Literary Fiction. I have presented at Bookworks in Albuquerque to a standing room crowd  and at Changing Hands in Phoenix and the discussions about the ethics of human subjects research and the development of the novel have been fascinating.

I think  the book has also resonated with our current environment of recognition of sexual assault and harassment even many years after the events occurred. I have tried to bring out some of the themes of biases we have in our society related race, ethnicity, social class, sexual orientation, obesity and disability and how there were beliefs of the ideal future leader that tended to exclude anyone whose body or background differed from the ideal image and how destructive such attitudes could be. Unfortunately the attitudes still exist and I hope the book will help us to understand their history and how we can overcome them through our individual and group actions.

—David Sklar